Dashboard for Facility and Lifecycle Management

Dashboards are becoming increasingly popular: they reduce information to the essentials, they are interactive and easy to unterstand. They also facilitate communication within a team. And last but not least, they simply look good. These are all reasons why we have been using dashboards for some time now. To express our enthusiasm, we have chosen a dashboard, fed it with simulated data and published it here.

On the map the buildings are represented as red circles. Select a building and the dashboard will show you its characteristics.

The dashboard is accessible at the following link:


Explanation of the individual graphics:

Left column (from top to bottom):

  • 1st key figure: Average missed deadline for order processing (maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.)
  • 2nd key figure: Average reaction time for technical faults or alerts from the building automation system
  • 3rd key figure: Budget overview
  • Distribution of areas (in this case according to SIA)
  • Further information about the building

Middle column (from top to bottom):

  • Map with the objects / buildings: Select an object to get an overview of the building.
  • Course of technical malfunctions: Number of technical alerts per calendar week.

Right column (from top to bottom):

  • Cost overview with comparative data from the previous year
  • Cost development: Development of total FM costs over the years, incl. trend line (red line)
  • Pending work to be done on the building.